Llibrenet is a bookstore founded by Joan Galí in 2011, but from November 2020 it changes ownership and continues its journey within the same family but under the leadership of Josefina Llauradó.

Sitting near the bell tower of Sant Feliu del Racó, it arose to cover an empty space in the world of letters: it was intended to be a connecting bridge between the new and the old books, so that everyone could have access to them.


Llibrenet begins the path where publishers end it by discontinuing; this is where a book is hard to find.



The aim is to offer a service that meets the needs of many groups: from students who cannot find a book in a specific discipline, to researchers, through collectors who love books.


Throughout these ten years we have served more than 15,000 customers around the world (Australia, the United States, Japan, South Africa...).